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Professional Services



      Workers Compensation Claims

   Lost time to a workplace injury can be one of the most difficult times in an organization. The employer cost exposure is rampant. The employer is responsible for health care costs and wage benefits as well as shouldering the lost productivity. A.B. Case Management is experienced at getting workers treated and contributing to the highest level medically possible in every given situation by connecting the injured with the medical services through a care plan created for the greatest outcome. Happy and Healthy workers bring trust and productivity to every organization. Certified nurse case management insures the best life outcome available to all workplace injuries.

     Medical File Reviews

   Medical file review provides the needed voice for individuals, employers, insurers, or families of those injured or sick. A.B. Case Management is capable of reviewing files and researching the history of the life-changing event and collaborating with stakeholders to create a plan of care to meet the needs of those affected. Stakes are high during these trying times and details matter. A.B. Case Management has the experience to provide individualized navigation through today's healthcare setting.



Family Services

   Taking care of family can be difficult in the fast-paced society we find ourselves in today. A forgotten doctor's appointment or missed diagnosis caused by a lack of communication can lead to unnecessary health risks. A.B. Case Management can be sure the loved one is seen in the absence of family members to keep cares on track while communicating with the family what is needed and helping track the processes. Many health scares can be alleviated with proactive planning. 

   Certified Nurse Case Management with a special focus on senior citizens. 19 years of experience navigating healthcare treatment plans while promoting each individual's independence. Examples of individualized services include home visits to check-in on your loved one, attend medical appointments with your loved one to ensure understanding of treatment plan, and hospital visits to see your loved one to provide support and education to them while working with their medical team for the best outcome. Collaboration with local resources to support your loved one's independence. Amy offers compassionate, professional, genuine,  expertise to the individual and their family while ensuring communication from the providers is clear, understood, and the plan is appropriate for each individual.   


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